Root Canal Treatment- Painless Indeed

Root Canal Treatment- Painless Indeed

Thinking of a root canal treatment brings night mare to patient to forget that feeling we have a painless root canal treatment option. Here at spandan oral Aesthetic clinic, Ahmedabad we provide painless RCT procedure which is only possible with advanced instrumentations, proficient hands, instant X ray delivering systems. We have specialised in short appointment treatment procedures.

Tooth Generally treated are :
Back teeth: multi rooted (including wisdom teeth)
Front teeth: single rooted
why to get root canal treatment done for your teeth :
1. to save your teeth & help yourself to preserve them for chewing purpose at least till you get old
2. to save your gums & the associated bone to get infected by the decay creating bacteria so that you save don’t invite bigger problem
When to go for RCT:
1. Pain: deep/ gnawing
2. Getting sleepless night due to tooth ache
3. Sensitivity or pain while chewing or biting
4. Facial Swelling
All of the above symptoms are treated our center judicially with proper application of latest techniques
Root canal are treated with Lasers also to ensure through cleaning of the canals & zero infection assurance.


Group of Specialist for each treatment are available here at Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic, Ahmedabad satisfied patients demand as we know each patients problem is different and require unique care.


Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic provides combine treatment modality for not only teeth & gum care but also total health care solution with help of senior Homeopath, Naturopath & yoga master.


Oral Cancer includes all parts of head or neck. Here at Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic, Ahmedabad you will get through check up , investigations such as biopsy along with surgical procedure if required.


Dental Pains many times turn to an emergency check. The pain which needs emergency check are generally related to wisdom tooth, falling teeth due to accident or fall, external swelling etc.Accidental falling teeth could be fixed if patient preserves it in milk, saline or honey and get it to dental office in 24 to 48hrs.