Braces & Align Your 32

Braces & Align Your 32

To hold your teeth with wires is not only the need of better look but also adds to longevity of your teeth set. As badly placed tooth are prone to invite bacteria, tartar which at certain age leads to decayed teeth & gum problems. We provide braces to align your teeth for two major set of age groups:
1. Children of all age
2. Adults ≤ 80years

Both the groups can go for different material of braces such as:
Metal wires : these are traditional orthodontic braces with cool elastic of different colors looks very attractive as well works wonder for aligning the teeth set.
Invisible braces : these are the clear braces, very comfortable to wear, looks esthetically perfect as these are not easily appreciated in social. In trend with adults who are highly active in social meets.
Removable Braces : wear when you wish to but for dictated time given by us.
Straighten your teeth in months in Ahmedabad just our clinic.
The faster orthodontic treatment procedure are also available at our clinic provides you the best orthodontic results in months.
Life lasting results with your braces in Ahmedabad you can contact us.


Group of Specialist for each treatment are available here at Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic, Ahmedabad satisfied patients demand as we know each patients problem is different and require unique care.


Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic provides combine treatment modality for not only teeth & gum care but also total health care solution with help of senior Homeopath, Naturopath & yoga master.


Oral Cancer includes all parts of head or neck. Here at Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic, Ahmedabad you will get through check up , investigations such as biopsy along with surgical procedure if required.


Dental Pains many times turn to an emergency check. The pain which needs emergency check are generally related to wisdom tooth, falling teeth due to accident or fall, external swelling etc.Accidental falling teeth could be fixed if patient preserves it in milk, saline or honey and get it to dental office in 24 to 48hrs.