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Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic is one of the finest & most Advanced Dental Clinic in Gujarat. Our Dental Clinic is furnished modern equipments which ensures our patient with pain free and blood free treatment. Our special concern is to serve our patient with best quality material & hygienic premises. Our instruments go for through sterilization, for which the cleaning instruments are procured from different parts of the word to meet the high quality standards.

Just not the instrument but the material used too is of high quality standards. In all our clinic meets the ISO specification. The office is ergonomically designed to comfort our patients of all age groups. We have warm & welcoming staff at your waiting with books, magazines and music which will makes you forget the world.

We respect the value of your time & hence keep your appointments as priority. We believe in delivering complete aesthetic & painless treatment in little time frame as possible. If our patient is of long distant then he need not to worry his stay, tour & transport will be from Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic.

About Dr.Komal

DR KOMAL THAKKAR has pursued her Masters in Oral Implantology & Periodontology.

Dr Thakkar has prestigious membership of INDIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION. She is verse with advance dental surgeries & implant placement procedures.

The implant surgeries needs through understanding of the facial anatomy , nerves & vessels, arteries and related vital structures not only that but it needs high proficiency in manipulating these to place implants in crucial cases & Dr.Thakkar is the one who makes it possible.Her specialty in saving the natural dentition & restoring the natural beauty makes her different from the other dentist.

Her expertise in restoring the gum lines, reduce bone pattern of any form, Osseous surgery, Smile designing with surgical as well as with non surgical therapy makes her rare surgeon.

Her dental skills doesn’t end there she is also well verse with the latest mode of treating dental problems without cuts & bleed that is nothing but LASERs.

She is one of the first three dental surgeons of INDIA who has completed the special literature (12month study) over faster way of orthodontic treatment that is known as PERIODONTALLY ACCELERATED OSTEOGENIC ORTHODONTICS i.e. Wilckodontics practiced by rare high profile surgeons worldwide.

She has published her literature review on LOCAL DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM & presented to GUJARAT UNIVERSITY which was part of her post graduate curriculum. She has presented number of papers & posters in national & international conferences.

Dr.Thakkar, has voluntarily participated in many campaigns against Tobacco consumption. Above all these qualities she is down to earth, welcomes all questions asked by patients & satisfies the patient by giving appropriate answers.

Moreover, having through dental skills has not stop her from learning more & attending national & international platforms. She believes in her ethics & respects patient’s needs. She believes to deliver best quality of work to her patient, so that patient feels that the money was worth spending.

She has number of publication on her name

1. Assessment of Awareness & Knowledge About Tobacco Induced Ill Effects in Class 3&4 Workers at Local Dental Hospital in Ahmedabad Original Article JADCH
2. Minimally Invasive treatment for reconstruction deficit inter-dental papillae: Pilot study Original Research Article J Dent Specialities
3. Thread to Implants: Periimplantitis Case report Accepted for Publication in J Dent Specialities
4. The Platelet Concentrates : Boon To The Bone Defects Research Article Accepted For Publication
5. HIV & Periodontium: 2000 and Beyond Original Article Accepted for publication in JADCH

Group of Specialist for each treatment are available here at Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic, Ahmedabad satisfied patients demand as we know each patients problem is different and require unique care.


Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic provides combine treatment modality for not only teeth & gum care but also total health care solution with help of senior Homeopath, Naturopath & yoga master.


Oral Cancer includes all parts of head or neck. Here at Spandan Oral Aesthetic Clinic, Ahmedabad you will get through check up , investigations such as biopsy along with surgical procedure if required.


Dental Pains many times turn to an emergency check. The pain which needs emergency check are generally related to wisdom tooth, falling teeth due to accident or fall, external swelling etc.Accidental falling teeth could be fixed if patient preserves it in milk, saline or honey and get it to dental office in 24 to 48hrs.